Beneficiaries Sans Aadhar Won’t Be Omitted, But ‘No’ To Dual Ration Card Holders: Odisha Food Minister

Bhubaneswar: As Aadhar card is being linked to the issuance of ration card under the Food Security Act and several eligible beneficiaries are still not having the Aadhar card, Odisha Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare and Cooperation Minister Ranendra Pratap Swain today assured and guaranteed that the bona fide beneficiaries will not be cut off from the list or deprived of reaping benefits.

The Minister also made it clear that the day the new Aadhar card is punched, the beneficiaries will reap the benefit immediately.

He also warned against the dual ration cards being availed by a same beneficiary for two separate places. He cautioned that the State Government machinery has already detected over lakhs of such elements.   

Talking to media today, Minister Ranendra Pratap Swain averred, “No beneficiary will be deprived of (ration card) if having Aadhar card. This is a guarantee we give you.”

He also assured, “There is also no chance of omission from the list if the eligible beneficiary has no Aadhar card. The day the Aadhar card is punched, immediately the eligible beneficiary will be entitled to reap the benefits.”

“But, no dual cards will be entertained as over lakhs of such dual card holders have been identified,” the Minister categorically cautioned.


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