Bhubaneswar Denizens React To Sudden Hike In Fuel Prices

**Bhubaneswar:** The fuel prices in India are increasing day-by-day creating chaos in the daily affairs of the commoners. OMMCOM NEWS crisscrossed the streets of Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar to find out the anger and dissent among the denizens regarding to recent fuel hike.

Manoj Nayak, a driver by profession complained, “The daily wage earners are the most affected with the fuel price hike. If a person earns Rs 400-500 per day and spends Rs 100 on fuel, how will he survive?”

Pratap Dey raised concern about the daily expenses raised due to the fuel hike. According to him, “The rise in diesel price has a spiraling effect and raised the prices of vegetables, other commodities. Both the Central and the State Government have their roles in reducing the prices of the fuel.”

Mahendra thinks twice before taking out his vehicle to go to the office. “It has become very difficult to use a vehicle due to the spiraling rise in fuel prices. The government has increased taxes thereby raising the prices and we as the common people are helpless,” he said.

Talking about the reason behind the increasing fuel price, Sanjay Lath, the President of Petrol Pump Association informed, “The prices of petrol and diesel are now de-controlled and are linked with the international markets. The reason behind increasing rate of fuel is said to be increasing cost of crude oil and also declining of Indian rupees in comparison to dollar in the international market.”

“The rise in diesel prices will raise the transportation price thereby increasing the prices of vegetables and other commodities. It is only because of taxation that India has higher prices than the neighbouring countries. The basic price is Rs 35, there is 100&% tax and price rises to Rs 35. If the government stops depending on the taxes for their sustenance By the petrol and diesel and look of other options of taxes, then only the consumers will be able to sigh a relief,” opined Sanjay, also the owner of Rajdhani Petrol Pump.


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