Bhubaneswar Flooded Again, Does Anyone Care?

**Bhubaneswar: ** Tall promises of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) seemed fall flat as many parts of Bhubaneswar were submerged again on Sunday due to rain which literally busted the Smart City myth.

A week after many parts of Bhubaneswar were submerged after a few minutes of rain and the city authorities had promised prompt action to repair drains to make the situation better but nothing such happened seeing today’s situation.

On Sunday again, after a few minutes of rain, there seemed no improvements. Bhubaneswar Mayor Ananta Naryan Jena had stated before the media that the municipality is taking all possible measures to see proper functioning of city drains. But all such promised measures proved futile with massive water logging in several areas like Bomikhal, Cuttack Road, Jaydev Vihar , Rasulgarh and many more.

Even the state Works Secretary Nalinikanta Pradhan had promised immediate repair of roads after many commuters met with accidents due to submerged potholed but his assurances too turned futile.

The water logging and drainage problem is an annual issue which the denizens face but the authorities seem to be indulging in lip service only after they face public ire at that moment.

Many now believe that the Smart City authorities are simply not caring about such precarious plight of its citizens.

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