Bhubaneswar KV-3 Student ‘Suicide’ Bid: School Authorities, Parents Pass Buck

Bhubaneswar: The controversy into the alleged suicide attempt of a girl student of Kendriya Vidyalaya-3 in Bhubaneswar deepened further as school authorities denied that she had jumped off the school’s terrace rather she fell down from a staircase at the quarters inside the school campus.

KV-3 Principal Preeti Roy said the girl had visited the quarters without permission and when questioned by people there she answered that she has come to meet a friend as Physical Education examination of Class 12 was underway.

Roy asserted that the girl’s parents have not brought any allegation against the school but she had earlier called one parent and advised them to keep an eye on their child’s social media usage as students are being identified for their activities.

She further said the motive of PE teacher Suryamani Patnaik is that the students will walk on right path and the latter had apprised her about the social media posts of the students, which was subsequently discussed with the parents and they were convinced that such posts are subjected to be misused.

However, without filing any allegation at the school, the parents staged an agitation last night, said Roy. “They should know the truth that the students are engaged in some incorrect activities. If a student is rebuked for such activities and complain it to their parents, the latter should discuss the matter with the school authorities and we will probe the issue,” she added.

PE teacher Patnaik informed that she came to know about the social media posts of the students after a Class X girl complained that she has been proposed by a Class XI boy who has shared some photos on his social media profile.

Patnaik said that as disciplinary in-charge of the school, she had called the boy and his mother for counselling and even asked other students to not to share their photos on social media.

Taking about the girl student who met with the accident, the PE teacher said the girl informed her that she fell down at the quarters while going to attend the birthday party of a friend. However, the said friend is from a different stream and it was not her birthday. The girl also confessed that she had visited the quarters without any permission.

On the other hand, a parent identified as Harapriya Jena said that eight students had gone to attend the birthday party of a friend during Dussehra holidays with the permission of their parents. The PE teacher is raking it up and harassing the students for the last one-and-a-half month.

All parents have informed the school authorities about it except parents of the girl, who were unable to visit the school as her father is Sub-Collector at Balasore and her mother is unwell. The teacher should understand it but instead harassed the student because of which she attempted suicide, added Jena.

Another parent Sabita Sahoo alleged the PE teacher is making an issue of a personal matter. She is torturing the students mentally, abusing and misbehaving with them. An FIR has been lodged against the school authorities.

She further informed that parents of all the eight students are family friends and therefore they had let them attend the birthday party. All the students are excellent in studies and the girl who attempted suicide is the school Vice-Captain, which is proof of her character.

Preeti Roy, Principal, KV-3

Suryamani Patnaik, PE Teacher, KV-3

Harapriya Jena, Parent

Sabita Sahoo, Parent


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