Bhubaneswar Pledges To Fight Corruption At Patha Utsav

**Bhubaneswar**: With the Odisha Vigilance celebrating its Diamond Jubilee Year in 2017, the State Vigilance Department launched an awareness drive here at Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav. The event was intended to invite popular support anti-corruption activities.

For this, Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav was tagged with the theme “Let’s fight corruption” this Sunday.

Odisha Government’s Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi, Director General Of Odisha Police K.B. Singh, Bhubaneswar Police Comissioner Y.B. Khurania, State Vigilance Department DG R.P. Sharma among others were present at the inaugural ceremony.

Bollywood singer Krishna Beura, and popular Odia cine stars like Sabyaschi Mishra, and Archita were also present at the event.

Speaking to the media, Sharma said, “Active participation of people plays a very important role in the anti corruption activities. We are trying to raise public awareness about corruption and anti corruption efforts here. These days, people can inform us through social media as well. We are seeking a greater public cooperation.”

The State Chief secretary also welcomed this move.

“Our Government is committed to eradicate corruption and with public participation, we will succeed in our mission soon,” Padhi informed.