Bhubaneswar Viral Sex Video Youth Murder Case: PM Report Reveals Unmay Padhi Stabbed, Burnt Alive

**Bhubaneswar: ** While the police investigation is underway into the sensational murder of Unmay Padhi, seen in the recent sex viral video as well as he allegedly linked with it, medical sources informed that his post mortem report reveals he has been burnt alive while being unconscious and stabbed on his head and belly several times.

Also more than one person are suspected to have committed the homicide.

Unmay’s body was found half-burnt on the Kuakhai riverbed on Wednesday morning last week. His mouth was also found stuffed with concrete chips and body sustaining several deep injury marks.

Speaking to media on Monday, Bhubaneswar DCP Satyabrata Bhoi said, “Investigation is still on. We are waiting for the post mortem report and other reports. Hopefully we’ll receive it by today or tomorrow. Then we’ll decide on the future course of our investigation.”

“We’re progressing with our investigation basing on the evidence we have by now. But it can’t be pinpointed who are the culprits. But hopefully we’re to zero in on the culprit behind the murder as well as the modus operandi.”

On being queried further about lakhs of rupees transacted from Unmay’s account, the DCP replied, “I can’t express, but we’re investigating into all the angles like where he was working, about his activities, financial, personal and his activities on that day, etc. If required, our team may proceed to Bhadrak.”

The DCP reiterated, “Under Section 302 of the IPC we’ve registered the case and investigation is going on. We’re interrogating some persons in this case. We’re hoping to delve into further clues. As of now, we can’t say how many persons are involved in it.”

Earlier, over 100 such sex videos of that girl shot in the office with Unmay has been uploaded at different pornographic websites.

Unmay was serving in a private education institute in Bhubaneswar where the girl was also working. The viral sex video was shot last year in the institute’s office.

The murdered youth’s brother had further revealed that the girl in question had then filed an FIR in Kharvel Nagar Police Station in March 2017 following which the accused youth, who had filmed the video, had been arrested and was later released on bail.


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