Bijepur By Poll: ECI To Use Latest Version EVM

Bhubaneswar: M3, the latest version of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be used in the Bijepur bye election, informed Surendra Kumar, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Odisha here today.

“This time we are going to use M3 EVMs manufactured by Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIl). It is said to be the latest version of EVM. In the last elections we had used M2 EVMs,” Kumar said.

He added that these EVMs have have been obtained from Midnapore in West Bengal as per requirement and are expected to reach Bargarh by evening today. 

Giving details of the speciality of the M3 EVM Kumar said: “In earlier versions of EVMs Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines had a separate VSDU (VVPAT Status Display Unit),

now it is combined with the control unit.”

Claiming that the new version EVM was a more robust machine and explained that in M2 EVMs only four ballot units can be attached with to a control unit whereas in M3 version 24 ballot units can be fixed to a control unit which caters to some 180 odd candidates.

“Around 570 ballot units, 570 control units and 570 VVPATs are on their way to our State. In addition to that we have added 100 power banks,” the CEO said.

The CEO further said that as per the programme schedule of the Election Commission of India (ECI)-  starting from September 23 first-level check of the EVMs will be completed by September 30.

Giving details of the procedures to be adopted Kumar said, “ECIL will be deploying around 19 of its engineers for the first-level check of the EVMs.As per procedure after completion of first-level-check, randomization will be undertaken and then second randomization in which pairing of (control unit) CU,(ballot unit) BU and VVPATs of the EVMs will be undertaken  as well as allocation to polling stations.”

He added that these two processes will be done in the presence of representatives of political parties.

He added that representatives of political parties have also been requested to remain present when these machines arrive at Bargarh today.

Surendra Kumar, CEO, Odisha


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