Bird Flu Outbreak In Bhubaneswar: More Than 5000 Birds Culled

Bhubaneswar: An outbreak of bird flu which was reported from a run poultry farm present inside the campus of College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry of OUAT here, prompting the authorities to cull over 5000 birds. The vigil on poultry birds was stepped up within 10 km radius of the affected area, the officials said on Tuesday.

There has been no case of infection in humans so far due to the outbreak of the highly contagious H5N1 virus, they said.

As per the regulations, the area within one km of the infected site was declared the “Infected Zone” and area within one to 10 km radius of the infected site stated as the “Surveillance Zone.”

All the poultry birds and eggs within one km radius of the infected site were culled and disposed of by means deep burial method with application of disinfectants like lime and bleaching powder to check any further contamination. The process will be continued till its made sure that there are no more infected birds, said the officials.

Properly suited up in protective gear, twelve Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) consisting of qualified Veterinary Doctors and Para-Veterinarians carried out the culling operation and other surveillance measures. Seven teams were engaged in culling operation within one km radius of the infected site and the rest five carried out surveillance measures in the surveillance zone.

The teams also collected samples of poultry and eggs outside the one km area to check for presence of H5N1 virus. “Necessary steps are being taken to prevent bird flu from spreading to other areas”, added the official.

India has seen nearly half a dozen outbreaks of bird flu in poultry in the past two decades, and all of which were brought under control. No human cases have been reported in India since at least 2003.

Local Poultry Farmer On Bird Flu Outbreak


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