Bird Flu Scare: Culling Concludes In OUAT, Sanitisation To Continue

Bhubaneswar: The culling of poultry at Poultry Breeding & Research Farm under the College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry in OUAT concluded on Thursday, but the disinfection or sanitisation programme will continue for three to four days, informed Commissioner cum Secretary of Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department, R Raghu Prasad.

Besides, culling operations have almost concluded within 1 km radius of the OUAT poultry farm, the epicenter of the infection. Mopping operations are underway at one or two places and further sanitisation procedure is to be completed, he added.

Prasad asserted that no more positive reports of bird flu or avian influenza have been received from any place across the State. Samples are being collected every year from the month of November and sent to Animal Disease Research Institute (ADRI). This year around 14,000 samples had been collected out of which only one had tested positive.

On the third day of the culling operations, seven Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) were engaged for sanitation and disinfection work within 1 km radius of the poultry farm. They carried out the sanitation and disinfection work by using bleaching powder, 2% sodium hypochlorite and 4% formalin solution.

These RRTs also carried out combing operation (culling and disposal of poultry birds, eggs and poultry feed without payment of any compensation to the owners) within 1 km radius of the infected site. The teams culled and disposed of 11 birds and 98 eggs found in the chicken shops, other establishments and door-step of the backyard poultry farmers within 1 km radius of the infected site.

As there was combing operation today, no compensation was paid to the owners. The RRTs disposed of the carcasses and other materials by deep burial method with application of lime and bleaching powder as disinfectants. The combing operation within 1 km radius of the OUAT poultry farm will continue tomorrow. In addition, intensive surveillance work carried out within 1-10 km radius by six RRTs will also continue tomorrow.

R Raghu Prasad, Commissioner cum Secretary, Fisheries & Animal Resources Development


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