BJD MP Slams Pakistan Over Tweet To Minorities In ‘Hindutva Obsessed’ Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Ruling BJD MP and Spokesperson Dr Sasmit Patra slammed Pakistan over the latter’s reference to Odisha being a ‘Hindutva obsessed environment.”

Yesterday, spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces Major General Asif Ghafoor had from his personal account tweeted the following, “Very Merry Christmas to Christians in Pakistan, across the globe and especially to the ones in the states of Odisha and alike under the Hindutva obsessed environment. #MerryChristmas #BeginningOfEnd”

Eloquent Patra who is known to not mince his words decided to discuss the elephant in the room. Replying to Ghafoor’s tweet, Patra posted a video of himself addressing ‘170 countries this year at 141st Inter-Parliamentary Union, Belgrade.’ Being a Christian and a proud Odia he added that, “Christians in Odisha are safe, strong and empowered. Not butchered as in Pakistan!”

Here’s the tweet:


“The minority youth of India want to stay in India because of the policies of India whereas the minorities in Pakistan are fleeing Pakistan because Pakistan is perpetrating crimes on them which is expending them to move away. Can Pakistan confirm that it is home to 30 United Nations designated terrorists and 25 terrorist entities listed in United Nations? Is this the youth agenda of Pakistan?” questions Patra in his video.

He adds that India never wanted to bring these facts on a public platform but is forced due to blatant lies spread by Pakistan. He further says, “This is shameful and we utterly denounce and condemn such lies.”

Dr Sasmit Patra, BJD MP and Spokesperson


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