Blind Faith: Injured Man Dies After Being Kept In Cow Dung Heap For ‘Treatment’

Sundargarh: Timely medical intervention could have saved Binod Podh’s life but blind faith had other plans for him.

Binod Podh and Gokula Podh of Pamara village in the district were returning from the local market when lightning struck them on Sunday evening. Both of them were rendered critical and lost their senses.

Instead of rushing them to the hospital, villagers gathered around them and decided to opt for unproven, indigenous treatment. They covered Binod in a heap of cow dung claiming that his life would be saved.

Several minutes later, Binod stopped breathing as the locals stood there watching. He had reportedly died of asphyxiation. When the villagers realised that it was too late, they rushed Gokula to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Sadly, Binod who could have received a new lease of life by medical help after lightning strike lost his chance due to blind faith and superstition. So, think again before believing claims that cow urine can cure cancer.