BMC Issues Restrictions For Celebration Of Holi, Dola Purnima

Bhubaneswar: While staying in accordance with the stipulations or restrictions issued by the Odisha Government on the celebration of all kinds of functions related to Dola Purnima and Holi, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has issued additional stipulations.

The additional restrictions issued by the BMC for the celebration of Dola Purnima and Holi are as under.

1. During the celebration of Dola Jatra for carrying the IDOL, a maximum of six persons are allowed. However, there shall be no procession and playing of sound instruments that are likely to attract the attention of the public and will cause congregation. The persons carrying IDOL need to wear a face mask appropriately as far as practicable.

2. The organizers are to ensure that a maximum of 50 to 60 persons are present at any point of time at the Dola Melan Padia with strict adherence of COVID appropriate behaviour like maintenance of social distancing of six feet among two persons and the wearing of face mask. There shall be no Jatra/Orchestra/Meena Bazar or any kind of celebrations in the Dola Melan Padia

3. The organizers shall have to obtain written permissions from BMC to conduct the functions with the above stipulations. For obtaining permissions, the following details are to be submitted.
a. Details of Organizers including Place of function
b. No of IDOLs proposed for the Dola Melan Padia
c. No of Devotees expected to attend at the Dola Melan Padia

4. The religious rituals may be performed inside the temple with adherence to COVID appropriate behaviour. However, no devotees are allowed inside the temple.

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