Board Exams 2020: 5 Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Stress-Free

Bhubaneswar: A staggering 30 lakh students are appearing for their CBSE board exams this year and with such huge competition the pressure on them is unimaginable.

As a parent/guardian, one cannot change the situation but can help the child cope with the pressure and perform their best. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips for parents to make it easier for their child.

Help Them Manage Their Time

Time management is the biggest problem faced by students during their class 11th and 12th. With so many things to juggle during the day, from school, homework and exams to tuitions and extra-curricular activities, working without a structure ends up making their preparation chaotic and unplanned. Parent/guardian can sit with the child and prepare a planner according to the exam schedule. They can analyze the planner once a week to see if any changes are needed and if the timings need to be adjusted.

Motivate Them With Rewards

There’s a fine line between an incentive to do well and outright bribery. Child should be motivated to put their best foot forward in their exams, without you offering a bribe, such as an expensive gift. A reward could be a new dress they were eyeing for, tickets to a sports event, allowing them to watch their favourite TV shows, their favourite food etc. Avoid giving punishments, however, as they generate a feeling of negativity and fear in teens.

Track Their Eating & Sleeping Habits

It is important that parents should take care of their child’s health. Parents should encourage their child to take light, nutritious food instead of fast food or junk. A good night’s sleep is also equally important. One can check child’s timetable to ensure they have enough time for a well-earned sleep. Right diet and proper sleep will keep the child up and ready for their big day.

Keep Away From Digital Distraction

It’s difficult to stay away from digital devices completely, but it’s important to do so during exam time. Installing parental control on devices can go a long way. Parents can deal with the problem by also mitigating the situation instead of completely removing something that the child likes.

Listen To Them After Exams

The time right after an exam is very crucial. This is a period where the child needs someone to share their feelings, fears and anxieties about the paper and the impending result. Parents/guardians can listen to their side of the story and give them their sweet time to discuss the paper without any judgments. They can be encouraging about the remaining tests and keep them hopeful about the outcome.


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