Boat Capsizes In Paradip, Fisherman Missing, Locals Allege ‘Non-Dredging’ Causing Boat Mishaps

**Paradip:** A 42-yr-old fisherman named Erapil Jagannath went missing when five of his companions had a narrow escape as their fishing boat capsized in Paradip on Tuesday.

All the six of them had ventured into the Paradip Fishing Harbour early in the morning on Tuesday when their boat capsized near the Nehru Bangla river mouth. Five of them managed to hold the capsized boat and save themselves, but one of them went missing.

“Around 50,000 fishermen depend on fishing for their livelihood. But the harbor has not been dredged for several years now. Periodical dredging is very much required as every year, around 5-6 such accidents occur due to non-dredging at the river mouth which caused boats to capsize. It even hampers fish catch.We request the government to take up this matter and do the needful,” informed Kambala Rambabu, Councillor, Sandapur basti.

The local fishermen have sent five boats on a search for the missing fisherman but he is yet to be traced. Meanwhile, they had informed but the officials have not yet arrived at the spot.

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