Brajabiharipur Grid Sub-Station Under SCRIPS Dedicated To Cuttack City For Non-Stop Power Supply

Cuttack: In a bid to supply power uninterruptedly to the residents of Cuttack city under Odisha Chief Minister’s State Capital Region Improvement of Power System (SCRIPS) scheme, a Grid sub-station executed by OPTCL was inaugurated today at Brajabiharipur by Odisha Energy Secretary Nikunja Bihari Dhal.

In his media reactions, the Energy Secretary said, “Our State Government has strengthened power supply infrastructure to a very large extent. We have been able to create our transmission capacity more than necessary. The sub-station inaugurated here today can now supply about 65 MW electricity to Cuttack city while the present electricity demand of the city is about 120-130 MW at peak time. Now this sub-station can uninterruptedly supply power to the people of Cuttack city.”

He explained, “Under the SCRIPS, total 11 such projects will be set up. Whatever power requirement is there for Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, we are capably doing so, there is no shortage in it, but we’re improving our reliability. For instance, we are replacing overhead wire with underground cabling along some trunk routes and radial structure is being changed to ring structure (to immediately supply power when one route fails). Hence, SCRIPS is a system and reliability improvement programme.”

“The execution of this project was definitely a challenge as it’s a flood-prone area. We had to make a pile foundation as well as searched for an alternate place. Even the project work has been completed amid the Covid situation. In fact, OPTCL is doing very high quality work in this Covid situation. Hence, kudos to all the OPTCL engineers, contractors and workers,” added the Energy Secretary.

OPTCL Director (Finance) Samir Kumar Swain informed, “There are 11 transmission projects under the SCRIPS. This project at Brajabiharipur is one among them. It a Grid sub-station of 40 MVA transmission capacity. It can supply 65-70 MW power to Cuttack city in future. This Grid will further strengthen Cuttack city’s power supply capacity.”

Nikunja Bihari Dhal, Energy Secretary, Odisha

Samir Kumar Swain, Director (Finance), OPTCL

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