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Breaking Barriers and Blazing a Path: Sabyasachi’s ‘Band Baajaa Bride’ Features Odia Girl Ankeeta

Bhubaneswar: Acclaimed fashion designer Sabyasachi’s show ‘Band Baajaa Bride’ on lifestyle channel Goodtimes features an Odia girl Ankeeta Mohanty this time.

Ankeeta is a Program Manager with a multinational company and she is posted at Hyderabad. This episode is quite interesting because, Sabyasachi hismelf approached Ankeeta instead of she writing in for the show.

According to the noted fasion designer, Ankeeta ‘shone out’. “There is certainly an indefinable quality about Ankita. It’s in the way she holds herself and the way she considers the world around her. It comes from a self-assurance built over years,” an Instagram post by Sabyasachi read.

“Ankeeta spent her childhood being bullied for being darker skinned and larger. The taunts hurt, but over the years, she learnt how to look beyond society’s expectations, and made a space for herself in the world,” the Instagram post added.

Ankeeta is engaged to Jatin for whom her confidence has trickled into a quality. “This is the most attractive, apart from her ability to genuinely speak from her heart,” the post further read.

The episode of Band Baajaa Bride which was broadcast on Sunday evening will be repeated on Tuesday at 7 pm, Wednesday 9 pm and Saturday 8 pm on GOODTiMES. “Today, she moves beyond stereotypes and embarks on a new journey with her partner-in-crime,” the post on Sabyasachi’s official Instagram account read.


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