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Bronze And Beautiful: An Art Patron's Dream

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11 August 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Bronze and brass statuettes exhibit rare charm and exquisite beauty and are valued for their elegance and craftsmanship. Engravings on bronze plates, beautifully carved brass statues, small trinkets, and many other items are a collector's dream. And this dream is true for Bhubaneswar based Sudarshan Sahoo. He has a private collection at his home displaying numerous beautifully designed articles, bid and small, and very carefully preserved.

Sudarshan narrated, "This is an old art form of Odisha. The brass and bronze items were sculptured in around 62 villages of Odisha earlier. But gradually the art form lost its charm and declined during 1966-68. I know this as my father was a master craftsman of bronze statuettes. He imbibed a sense of admiration in me regarding this art form and also asked to collect these beautiful bronze plates, engravings and other items of brass and bronze which would otherwise vanish with time. So I started collecting these items since 1985-86."

He has a small but exquisite collection of beautifully carved plates, small quaint statues, pots, engraved dishes, animals and many more items which are not to be found easily nowadays. 

His main aim is to set up a small museum in which he can display his collection and the today's youth be aware of the rich heritage of the State.

"I have been trying to get help from the government to set up a small museum but am unsuccessful till now. Collecting these items gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.I want to preserve the rich culture of our State in my own small way so that  today's children would know its value in the near future and admire their glorious past. Or else how will they know that there is something called pasuni, chatili, hookah, designed thalis, etc," enthusiastically said Sudarshan with a gleam in his eyes.

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Sudarshan Sahoo