Calling A Senior As ‘Bhai’ Can Now Land You In Trouble

Bhubaneswar: Calling a senior ‘Bhai’ during office hours can now amount to a disciplinary action for people working in the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services.

In a circular issued by the Directorate, it warned junior level officers of disciplinary action if they refer to their senior officers as ‘bhai’.

Director Ratnakar Rout has asked junior officers and field functionaries against undertaking insubordination and hence a violation of office decorum.

“Junior officers and filed officers are not maintaining official decorum in their dealings with superiors, even in the presence of higher authorities. For example, technical officers are calling seniors like sub-divisional veterinary officers/chief district veterinary officer and joint directors ‘bhai’,” said Rout in a circular issued on Saturday.

“Whatever personal relationship they may have among themselves, the junior officers should not address their seniors ‘bhai’ in the office. It not only leads to violation of Odisha Government Servant Conduct Rules, 1959, but also amounts to insubordination,” mentioned the circular.

In case of violation, the junior officials have been warned with stringent disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.


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