Cat-Fight Over A Cat Injures Woman Critically In Cutack

**Cuttack: ** In a bizarre incident, a woman named Meena Nayak got grievously injured as her neighbour Daniel Rout attacked her in a fit of rage with an iron rod over a pet cat.

This incident occurred in Markatnagar locality of Cuttack city.

According to reports, the pet cat of Meena, wife of Babuli Nayak had sneaked into the house of their neighbour Sanjukta Rout, which instigated a quarrel between both the women. They started a catfish over the entry of the cat, abusing and shouting at each other. Sanjukta’s husband, Daniel Rout attacked his neighbour Meena in a fit of anger and injured her critically over this simple incident.

This caused Meena to lose her consciousness and she was rushed to the SCB Medial College & Hospital.
A police complaint in this regard led to a court challan in the name of the accused.

Meanwhile the people of the locality are in a state of shock after knowing the actual reason behind the attack.