CCTV: Women’s Art Of Theft In Bhubaneswar’s Jewellery Shop Caught On Camera

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19 April 2018

Bikash Das

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Bhubaneswar: When the rising prices of gold marred the Akshaya Tritiya spirit across most cities with sales showing a downturn on Wednesday, an incident of shoplifting with great precision was caught on camera in Bhubaneswar’s jewellery shop.

A team of three women had gone to the Devi Durga Jewellers to shop for gold on the auspicious occasion of went in a jewellery shop named in Bhubaneswar’s Samantarypur area. Initially, two women stepped in and were browsing gold chains when the third woman stepped in.

As seen from the CCTV camera, the woman in blue saree cupped a gold chain in one of her palms with great meticulousness without creating any suspicion while browsing through the ornaments. Then, she passed the cupped chain to the third woman who had come later in the shop.

These unidentified women made a quick exit after that without any purchase. This made the salesperson suspicious and he counted the number of gold chains only to find one of them missing. He stepped out of the shop immediately in a bid to catch them, but they had already fled the spot.

When the shop owner checked the CCTV footage, it was clear that they had shoplifted the gold chain.

They have filed a complaint against the trio thieves in the Lingaraj PS and are even planning to put posters to identify these shoplifter.

The police have started its investigation.

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Manoj Sahoo, Owner, Devi Durga Jewellery Shop, Bhubaneswar