Central Counting To Be Held During Panchayat Polls In Odisha: SEC

Bhubaneswar: As Odisha gears up for the upcoming panchayat elections, State Election Commission (SEC) Aditya Prasad Padhi on Friday informed that this time there will be central counting.

During earlier elections, the vote counting was being held at the panchayat level but for the first time, the ballot boxes will be stored in strong rooms at the block level where central counting will be held.

As the number of required ballot boxes has increased, an order for more ballot boxes has been given to Odisha Small Industries Corporation (OSIC) and SECs of other States have also been asked to provide additional ballot boxes.

As the electoral roll had been last revised in January 2021 for the purpose of panchayat elections, Collectors have been asked to prepare the updated voters list.