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Chhattisgarh Double Murder Case: Why 4 Years To Arrest Fmr Odisha MLA Anup Sai?

14 February 2020


Bhubaneswar: Kalpana Das (32) and her minor daughter Pravati Das (14) were killed in April 2016. But it took four years for Chakradhar Nagar (Raigarh) police to arrest her paramour, former Odisha MLA Anup Sai on charges of murdering the two.

According to Raigarh police, they had zeroed in on Sai from two years, but the former law-maker was dodging the police summons time and again.

Raigarh police had substantial evidence against Sai including the Call Detail Records of his cellphone. Besides, many persons had testified about Sai living in with Kalpana in a flat at Bhubaneswar.

"But he utilised his political clout in the area to evade questioning and appearing before us," said Raigarh SP Santosh Singh.

Initially, police had no clue about the bodies and were unable to identify the deceased. It was after a DNA test that police were able to proceed in the investigation

It was a critical case to crack as the identity of the deceased duo could not be ascertained for a long time. It was Kalpana’s cousin, Saroj Das, a constable with Odisha police who identified her picture on missing person's list.

"I saw the picture on the list and checked with Kalpana's elder sister who confirmed her identity. Then I informed our IIC who communicated it to Raigarh (Chhattisgarh) police," said Saroj. Raighar police matched the DNA of Kalpana's father to confirm identities of the deceased.

Raigarh SP added, Anup Sai used his connections to cover up and did not cooperate with the police. "But we were keeping an eye on this man for six months. Whom he was meeting and where he was going everything was under our scanner."

The police also contacted Kalpana's ex-husband Sunil Srivastava with whom she had a daughter. "Sai did not spare the minor girl even. Anup Sai should be hanged. He has no right to kill a woman and a 14-year-old minor girl. She was my daughter," said Srivastava.

Sunil Srivastava, Kalpana's Ex-Husband

Saroj Das, Kalpana's Cousin