Chhattisgarh Tribal Man Marries Two At A Time Despite First Wife, Video Goes Viral

Bhubaneswar: This tribal man of a nondescript village in Chhattisgarh Bastar region has shot to limelight via social media platform these days following a viral video doing rounds depicting his marriage with two women at a time even though his first wife is living with him at their ancestral home.

The viral video of the queer marriage has obviously been entertaining the viewers but has also been sparking utter amazement as the prevalent Hindu Marriage Act terms it illegal. As per the law of our land, a married man or a woman can opt for second marriage only after a legally ratified divorce or in the wake of death of either of the spouse.

The man, who is now husband to three wives, has been identified as Chandu Maurya.

He, in the viral video, claims that both the women consented to stay together with mutual understanding.

On being queried about such a unique development, he recounted that one woman fell in love with him and he the vice versa when he had been outside for earning his livelihood. Another woman proposed at a wedding ceremony in his village that he had attended earlier. When he revealed the matter to both his beloved, they did not hesitate to co-exist and solemnly pledged to maintain mutual understanding post married life, Chandu is heard narrating in the viral video.

The video also shows the reaction of Chandu’s first wife Sundari who is heard averring humbly that there would be no hiccups in their family life. She also informed that they would spend the rest of their life keeping busy themselves in the farming activities.

Is it a quintessential instance of the maxim? : “Marriages are made in Heaven” and “Love is not love that alters when alterations find.”