China Coronavirus Outbreak To Impact Odisha Market In Two Months

13 February 2020


Bhubaneswar: Coronavirus outbreak in China will seriously impact business in Odisha after two months as merchants here run out of stocks of Chinese goods, said Ranjit Patnaik, a native of Odisha, who runs a global impex firm in Guangdong province of China.

"As factories remain closed in China's affected provinces till March 30 by official order, production has stopped and shipments are not taking place. So in Odisha, the pinch will be felt after two months as traders/businesses run out of stock of Chinese products," said Patnaik, who is currently in India speaking exclusively to Ommcom News over the phone today.

He said with the shortage of Chinese products in India as well as in Odisha, prices will shoot up and the worst affected will be the middle and lower-middle classes.

Patnaik, who is a member of the 'Indian In China' group was of the view that the dearth of Chinese goods will be felt in every sphere be it agriculture, solar or electronics to name a few.

He added that businesses will remain affected till June-July if not more.

Patnaik claimed that as per his 30 years of business experience in China, Chinese goods have an 80-90% market share in Odisha.

He said his own business has been affected by around 60% due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

A quick reality check done by Ommcom News in Bhubaneswar to get a feel of things on Patnaik's opinion has revealed that the market is already affected with stocks waning and no fresh supplies arriving.

"Since the outbreak of coronavirus in China supplies have almost dried up. Our business has dropped by almost 75%. Some are even scared to buy Chinese products for the scare of getting infected with the dreaded virus. Our suppliers in Mumbai and Delhi have told us that supplies are not going to arrive in the next 2-3 months," said Bipin Sahu, a seller of imported Chinese electronic goods in the Unit-I market.

"Coronavirus outbreak in China impacted the market here in a big way. We are not getting our supplies for almost a month. Supplies from Mumbai has completely stopped. We are facing great difficulties. Prices too have gone up due to short supply. If things continue like this for 2-3 months business is going to be badly affected. As of now, 20-30% is already affected," said Pramod Sahu, a seller of imported Chinese toys and cosmetics in the Unit -I market here.  

Ranjit Patnaik, Businessman

Bipin Kumar Sahoo, Seller Of Imported Chinese Goods

Pramod Sahoo, Seller Of Imported Chinese Goods