Citizens In All Praise For Commissionerate Police After Encounter Of Looters

Bhubaneswar: Denizens of capital city Bhubaneswar breathed a sigh of relief on Saturday morning when they woke up to the news of Commissionerate Police nabbing two looters after an encounter. A sense of fear that had been prevailing in the city over the last few days due to four armed robberies slowly vanished.

Praising the action taken by the cops, one Rahul Samantray said, “I feel safe after Commissionerate Police’s tight whip on anti-social elements. I hope they had done it earlier. We all look forward to the day when all criminals are wiped out in capital city.”

 “I definitely feel secure now. The Commissioner of Police has kept his promise. The looters’ gang has been identified and will be nabbed soon. The encounter was a good deterrent,” added another youth.

An office-goer said, “When returning from office in the night, I see cops patrolling on the road and I feel safe. I sincerely hope that this peaceful situation prevails and common man is safe.”

A student Padmanabha Behera said, “Fear is not in our minds anymore. This city should not only be smart but also safe. I feel proud that cops are risking their lives to keep us safe. The hustle and bustle of Bhubaneswar will return in the night soon.”


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