‘Click Of Death’ Claims Lives Of 2 Young Tourists

**Rayagada**: The selfie mania has again struck tragedy as two young tourists from Andhra Pradesh lost their lives to this ‘click of death’. Two women identified as E.Jyoti (27) of Visakhapatnam and S.Sridevi (23) of Vijayanagaram reportedly fell off a hanging bridge while taking a selfie.

According to reports, these two women had stopped to pose for a selfie over Nagabali river in Odisha’s Rayagada district, when they fell off and drowned.
Fire personnel rushed to the spot on receiving information and retrieved their dead bodies about 200 metres away from the spot.

The State Government of Odisha had identified at least 20 tourist places in different districts as “selfie danger points” and had asked concerned district Collectors and SPs to barricade the spots to ensure the safety of the tourists. The potential sensitive locations include some waterfalls, towering hilltops and waterbodies.

Careless selfie-clicks have turned into clicks of death, whether it is tipping over boats, falling off cliffs, getting hit by trains and crashing cars, with the alarming numbers garnering government attention.

The never ending pursuit of the perfect shot to share on social media, to click that ‘hat ke’ selfie has claimed many lives.


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