Cobra Returns: 17 Hatchlings Rescued From Temple Premises In Kendrapada

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11 September 2018

Biswaprakash Beja

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Kendrapada: Looks like the season of snake sightings is not over yet as the reptiles have been spotted again, this time inside a temple in Kendrapada. At least 17 cobra hatchlings were rescued today from the premises of a Jagannath Temple in Kora village here today morning.

One of the priests in the temple spotted the unusual sight of a snakelet sleeping on top of the Hanuman statue and alerted the villagers immediately to take charge of the situation.

Sitaram Jena, Secretary of the Temple Trust said, “The priest who first saw the snake was extremely frightened and refused to conduct any rituals and pujas. Devotees also started fearing entry into the temple. They were afraid that when they enter the temple barefoot, a snake might bite them.”

The locals informed the authorities of the Snake Helpline, who rushed to the spot and rescued at least 17 cobra hatchlings from the temple premises thus bringing the situation under control and wiping out fears from people’s minds.

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Sitakanta Jena, Secretary, Mandir Board, Kendrapada