Commissionerate Police Seeks EOW’s Probe Into Golden Baba’s Financial Transactions

**Bhubaneswar:** Digging further into arrested Golden Baba’s illegal activities, Commissionerate Police today sought a probe into the fraudster’s financial transactions by Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Odisha Crime Branch.

Satyajit Mohanty, Police Commissioner, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack said, “Commissionerate Police has a record of 4 cases against him. Three cases amongst that are of fraud or are relating to financial irregularities. One was in 2017 in Chandrasekharpur that was filed by a Varanasi businessman. The second case was in January 2018 filed at Laxmi Sagar police station and the third one was filed by a mining company in Chandrasekharpur police station last month.”

“Since all the three cases are pertaining to money and the fraud amount is coming somewhere close to Rs 5 crore, thus we have requested Odisha Crime Branch’s Economic Offences Wing to investigate the cases. For EOW to take up a probe, the cases need to be more than Rs 1 crore and prima facie Golden Baba’s fraud is coming to around Rs 4-5 crore,” he concluded.

After Behera’s arrest on December 31 on charges of duping, Bhubaneswar DCP Anup Kumar Sahoo informed that the Commissionerate Police has moved the court to take arrested fraudster Jyoti Ranjan Beura alias ‘Golden Baba’ on remand.

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