Commissionerate Police To Intensify Action On Dance Bars In Bhubaneswar

**Bhubaneswar:** Cops of the State Capital are in action mode against “dance bars” for the past two months. At least eight bars which employ young women for ‘live performances’ have been pounded in July this year.

DCP Anup Sahoo today said that the action against these ‘entertainment units’ is going to continue. “The drive is on to check the places serving liquor and employ women without proper legal sanction,” Sahoo said.

The Commissionerate of Police rescued ten girls conducting raid on a dance bar at Laxmisagar in Cuttack Road here on Wednesday. The police raided Pentagon bar when a musical performance was underway inside the bar without licence. The bar manager and a couple of staff have been detained for questioning.

At least two dozen bars in the State Capital have employed girls who are into live performances during the evening. The dance performances continue into the midnight till the shutters are down.

“The Excise Department has the authority to strike down the licenses of such units which coerce young women into dance bars. We conduct raids and make recommendations on a regular basis. But the bar continue to run and the employers go scot-free,” a senior police official said on conditions of anonymity.