Commissionerate Police To Receive Complaints At Doorstep In Bhubaneswar During Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police has come up with a unique initiative of ‘FIR at Doorstep’ during the lockdown that comes into force from tomorrow. Police in Bhubaneswar will reach the doorstep of anyone having a need to register a complaint with the police.

“In this situation, we would desire that very few people visit the police station. In the event of theft, or anything where there is need to lodge an FIR we will try to visit the complainant and collect the complaint from his/her doorstep and register the FIR under the ‘FIR At Doorstep’ initiative,” informed Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash today.

Dash said that the FIR copy will be despatched to the complainant through WhatsApp or to his/her email id.

The DCP assured that there won’t be any compromise on the investigation in any manner while ensuring that the visit of the complainant to the police station is kept to the minimum.

Explaining on the modalities of the ‘FIR at Doorstep’ initiative, Dash said that the complainant has to either call Dial 100, or the landline of the concerned police station or the CUG (Closed User Group) mobile number of the IIC of the concerned police station to avail the service.

He said that on receipt of the complainant’s call he/she will be asked a few basic questions like where, when, how from the officer on the other end and after that an officer on a vehicle with some documents will reach the complainant’s doorstep to collect the complaint which will be later registered as an FIR.

He hoped that the people of Bhubaneswar will appreciate and extend their cooperation to the police in this unique initiative during the lockdown.

The DCP further informed that 20 platoons of the police force, over 150 traffic constables, and 200 officers will be deployed in the city for enforcement activities during the lockdown.

He stated that Bhubaneswar has been divided into six zones and senior officers will monitor each zone shift wise.

“Blocking points have been set up at different places to subject people to checking. The main objective of this lockdown is to restrict and regulate the movement of people,” he added.

Dash said that certain people who are in essential service, marriages, funerals, people going to themselves vaccinated and testing purposes, construction industry workers, agriculture workers have been exempted from the purview of the lockdown on the production of the relevant document.

He warned people not to misuse the exemption allowed to certain categories otherwise they will be fined.

The DCP said that anyone not having any document can dial 100 and get an e-assistance pass in the shape of SMS after convincing the officer about his/her essential work and can travel in the city to get his/her work done.

He hoped that Bhubaneswar residents will cooperate this time too like in the past so that the second wave of corona can be defeated.

Umashankar Dash, DCP, Bhubaneswar

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