Commit To Invest Additional Rs 3,000 Cr In Odisha, Already Invested Over Rs 6,000 Cr: Mukesh Ambani

**Bhubaneswar: ** Addressing the Plenary Session at Make in Odisha Conclave 2018 today, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani committed to invest additional Rs 3,000 crore in Odisha while RIL has already invested Rs 6,000 crore in the State.

Feeling honoured to be invited to this Make in Odisha Conclave 2018 and also offering his respects in the sacred land of Shri Jagannath of Puri, the Lord and Protector of the Universe, he said, “My father Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and Shri Biju Patnaik shared a deep and personal friendship. Both were ahead of their times and inspired millions of Indians that nothing is impossible.”

“Today, Odisha has been growing at 8% per annum, higher than the national average. Under Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaikji’s able leadership, Odisha is fast becoming an ideal investment destination. My warm congratulations to Shri Naveenji and his talented team,” stated Mukesh Ambani, adding, “Reliance and Jio are dependable partners in your Make in Odisha mission, as well as in your Make New Odisha vision.”

The RIL chief averred, “Today, Reliance has emerged as one of the largest investors in Odisha. Reliance has already invested over 6,000 crores in Odisha. And today am committing to investing an additional 3,000 crore in the next three years in our various businesses in Odisha.”

He said, “Our investment philosophy has a clear goal ? to empower everyone in the march of development. Most of our investments are in creating the Jio network. For Reliance, Jio is not just another business. It is a mission to transform India ? to transform Odisha” adding, “We have created sustained new employment opportunities ? both direct and indirect ? to over 30,000 people in the state.”

“Our aim is to take the power of Digital Life to every nook and corner of the state, particularly in rural Odisha to improve the quality of education and healthcare, to light up the lives of the people, to provide large number of newer livelihood opportunities, to empower and enable every citizen by connecting them to each other and the world. Jio has connected all cities and towns, and 43 thousand villages in Odisha,” also averred the RIL chairman.

He informed, “In the past eight months, several million villagers in Odisha have got affordable smartphones. Their lives are being digitally transformed and empowered. For most of these villagers, it is their pehla phone, their pehla radio & music player, their pehla TV, their pehla camera and also their pehla introduction to the Internet and artificial intelligence in their lives. All this at only Rs 100 per month. This combination of connectivity with affordability is unparalleled in the world.”

He remarked, “I am glad to report that the per capita data consumption in Odisha is among the highest in the country. People are using advanced digital connectivity for education, financial services, entertainment and much more. We are working with Odisha Government on an initiative to integrate several lakh women in the digital mainstream under the “Mission Shakti” Scheme just like we have done in other parts of the country.”

He further informed, “We are taking another step to propel Odisha further into the digital future. With JioGigaFiber, we have now begun an ambitious push in fixed broadband through Fiber-to-the-home and premise. Our aim and resolve is to ensure that India rises from the present 135th rank to be amongst the top three nations in fixed broadband within the next three years. Together with all of you, we are committed to making Odisha amongst the most developed digitally in India and the world.”

He also informed, “Reliance is working on creating the world’s largest online-to-offline New Commerce Platform. We are working on transforming the lives and businesses of 3 crore merchants in the country. We will enable them to do everything that large enterprises and large ecommerce players are able to do.”

“I can assure you that Reliance and Jio will considerably improve the Ease of Living for everyone, and also improve the Ease of Doing Business for Odisha’s small and medium entrepreneurs. This will create millions of new and attractive employment opportunities for the talented youth of Odisha in their own state,” affirmed Mukesh Ambani.

The RIL chief stated, “I am delighted to know that in your (Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s) vision of making a New Odisha, you also have a dream of making Odisha a great Sports Power. We are partnering with the State Government to set up the “Reliance Foundation – Odisha High Performance Athletics Centre”. This Centre will train local talent under world renowned experts to develop them into Olympic Medal winners of tomorrow.”

Concluding his speech, Mukesh Ambani quoted an inspiring speech by Biju Patnaik, “In my dream of the 21st century for the state. I would have young men and women who will have pride in themselves, confidence in themselves… By their brain, intelligence and capacity, they will recapture the glory of Kalinga.”

“This is also as much my dream as it is yours (Naveen Patnaik’s). We shall together make Odisha once again the most globalised regions of India…as it was in the past when it had established trade and cultural links with South-East Asia. We shall together build new wonders in Odisha, which will match the wondrous Sun Temple of Konark,” the RIL chairman concluded.

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