Commitments To Deliver Public Service Hassle-Free & Transparent, New Benchmarks Of Governance: Odisha Guv

Bhubaneswar: Commitments to deliver public services in a hassle-free and transparent manner have been the new governance benchmarks of the government, said Governor Prof. Ganeshi Lal addressing the budget session of the Odisha Assembly here today.

While claiming that consultative governance is the core of his government’s growth trajectory Prof Lal said, “Abiding by the suggestions received from the people and working ceaselessly towards providing totally citizen-centric governance is now ‘Mo Sarkar’initiative of my Government, which is driven by the force of 5 touchstones: Technology, Transparency, Teamwork, Time and Transformation that have now become the moving spirit of governance.”

The Governor said that the State government is currently focusing on transformation.

“Real transformation cannot take place without greater participation of people in the process of governance. My government’s new initiatives like ‘5T’ and ‘Mo Sarkar’ are formulated and vigorously being implemented keeping this in mind,” he added.

Prof Lal stated that the aim of his government is to transform Odisha into an inclusive State, sustain with efforts to achieve higher growth, and expand the vision of ‘people first’ by realizing their dreams, fulfilling their aspirations and contributing meaningfully towards their prosperity.

He added that the State government stands firmly committed to the Gandhian ideals by giving primacy to the principle of ‘antodaya’ in formulating and implementing its people-centric policies.

While claiming that Odisha represents the spirit of India, Prof Lal said, “My government has taken a historic step to transform the infrastructure facilities around Shree Mandir, Puri-the epicentre of the sacred geography of Odisha. Similarly, my government has taken historic initiatives to transform the facilities around Shree Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar.”

The Governor said that the State government lays special emphasis on the development of the agriculture sector and has formulated a very comprehensive and more inclusive State Agriculture Policy.

He claimed that the income of farmers has more than doubled in the past and the government is poised to multiply farmers’ income with more proactive developmental interventions in line with the national agenda of doubling the farmer’s income.

He added that the State government implemented KALIA programme from 2018-19 to benefit the low-income group population connected to farming with various packages, along with KALIA Scholarship scheme to support children of KALIA beneficiaries pursuing professional/technical courses and in the coming year it is targeted to extend support to 50 lakh small and marginal farm families as well as 25 lakh landless agriculture households.

He pointed out that under KALIA scheme interest rate on crop loans up to Rs 50,000 has been reduced from the present 1% to 0%.

The Governor said that the State government proposes to bring about 1.84 lakh hectares of culturable land under irrigation coverage.

“My government now focuses on completion of the ongoing major and medium irrigation projects Deo, Integrated Anandapur Barrage, Subarnarekha, Rengali Left and Right Bank Canal within next five years. The State has now opted for the new Under Ground Pipe Line method of irrigation in feasible major and medium irrigation projects in place of the open canal system. This will ensure timely completion of the project and efficient use of water,” he added.

Prof Lal said that the State government is forging ahead with universal health coverage of the citizens with equitable, affordable and quality health care services and added that to achieve this more than 40 free and assured health care schemes have been launched with a steady increase in public health financing.