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Confer Classical Status To Odishi Music, Naveen Patnaik Writes To Centre

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has written a letter to Union Culture and Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel to urging him to confer classical status to Odishi Music (Vocal and Instrumental) to fulfill the long cherished dream of music lovers of Odisha and the country.

Odishi music has made significant impact on Indian cultural scenario. Several Odishan playwrights, sculptors, painters and choreographers have earned national and international fame. Odishi dance has been recognised as one of the classical forms and stands eminent because of its characteristics bhangi, thani, lalitya, mudra, etc, Naveen’s letter stated.

“But, ironically Odishi music is yet to be recognised as a classical form of music at national level,” the Chief Minister’s letter further read.

The Heritage Cabinet in its meeting on September 2 decided to draw the attention of Union Government towards according classical status to the Odishi Music, read Naveen’s letter which also had a copy of the report on classical aspects of Odishi Music.

Odishan music has at least a tradition of 2,000 years and is based on written Sastra and its own crore Raga. It is a distinctive rendition style based on codified grammar. The characteristic giti system of classical texts and having its own tala, different from Hindustani and Karnatak music, the letter further stated.

“No doubt, Odishi music has all the requisite and exclusive characteristics to be recognised as a classical music,” the Odisha Chief Minister stated in his letter to Patel.


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