Controversial Om Baba Claims To Build Replica Of Konark Sun Temple

Bhubaneswar: Self-styled godman of Bigg Boss fame, Om Baba known for hogging the limelight with his controversial statements is up to his antics again.

This time the self-styled godman has claimed that he will soon start construction of a replica of the famous Konark Sun temple.

“I am going to build a new Konark Sun temple,” informed Om Baba at a press conference here today.

He claimed that he had been constantly pursuing for the same for the last 15 years since Jagmohan was the Union Tourism Minister.

Om Baba, who is also known as Swami Om claimed that he had spoken to late Ananth Kumar, former Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma and incumbent Union Culture Minister Prahllad Patel who all are his disciples about the construction of the temple.

He said that he has met the President of India, Prime Minister and all others concerned in Delhi in this connection.

“They all have told me that Konark Sun temple has been sealed on the orders of the British and worshipping cannot be allowed there as the consequence of a secret pact between the Jawaharlal Nehru and Lord Mountbatten at the time independence,” Swami Om alleged.

The Swami claimed that he then prayed Lord Jagannath who appeared before him and ordered him to construct a (duplicate) replica of the temple in Konark area.

“I will be constructing the temple. Proprietor of Emami Group of Companies, Mukesh Ambani, Nita Amabani, NRI Lord Swaraj Paul of London, Aditya Birla and several other industrialists have expressed their desire to spend crores for building the temple,” Om Baba said.

He said the six acre land on which the new temple will be constructed is located between Chandrabhaga and Konark temple and added that construction of the temple will start after Diwali.

The self-styled godman further informed that he would announce the exact date for starting of construction of the temple after finalizing the programme with the Prime Minister.

“The artisans who would be engaged in the construction of the temple will be led by Padma Vibhusan sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra,” he said.

He claimed that he has submitted memorandums to the Governor and Chief Minister in this regard.

The controversial baba was ousted from the Bigg Boss 10 house after he threw his pee on contestants Bani and Rohan. Post that he also threatened to break host Salman Khan’s bones and put Bigg Boss house on fire.

The self-styled godman had claimed that the Uttarakhand earthquake that shook almost the entire northern India had happened because he was mistreated on Bigg Boss.

And very recently, the Viswa Hindu Parishad had issued a decree that whosoever beheads Om Baba will get a reward of Rs 50 lakh.

The VHP had also burnt effigies of the Baba before announcing the decree.

Om Baba was in the line of fire of the VHP for supporting rape accused Swami Chinmayanand and calling all girls as ‘vish kanyas'(poisoned damsels).

The self-styled godman had requested the UP government to quash the charges of rape against Swami Chinmayanand and not to jail him.

He had argued that if something happens to Swami Chinmayanand then his announcement of constructing the Ram temple in Ayodhya on December 6 would face obstacles.

Om Baba