Corona School Closure: 3 Malkangiri Rural Lads Lighting Education Lamp Among Local Kids

Malkangiri: As the primary schools across Odisha have been shut down till date for the pandemic precautions since March last year, most of the tribal children in the rural pockets of this tribal-dominated district are idling out their time at homes like others across the State as their financial status does not permit them to afford for the online teachings being mandatorily provided by their respective school teachers.

Under such circumstances, certain educated tribal youths of the locality have tightened up their belts to kindle the candle of knowledge among the school-going children of their community so that they are no more forced to grope in the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance as well as stay devoid of their fundamental right to education.

The three social volunteers are +3 Science final year student Dula Banjami, and +2 second-year students Suresh Madkami and Kishore Madkami. They all belong to the nondescript village Dangasakhal.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, Dula Banjami said, “The children were wasting their time in the forest and mountain areas of the village during the lockdown. Observing this, the youths of our village joined hands and held a meeting. From next day onwards we began taking classes of our children.”

He informed, “Malkangiri town-based “Team We Can” brothers have extended us their support in this effort. They have provided us with the teaching materials. We’ll continue this even after the schools are open for the students of Classes I to VIII. Education is a must for building one’s future. Here we have over 70-80 children and the classes are being taken at the village community centre.”

In his reactions, a student Praful Pradhani said, “We used to kill time in the village instead of studying at home. Now the brothers of our village are imparting teachings to us. The elder brothers from Malkangiri’s Team We Can provide us with text and notebooks, other teaching materials. We’re feeling happy now. My aim is to be in a very good job in future.”

In his reactions, Team We Can member Ram Krushna Bhanja said, “When the pandemic restrictions were relaxed, we observed that the primary students of the rural pockets were devoid of school education. We the members of Team We Can came here and discussed with the youths of this village. We stressed the need for facilitating the primary school children with minimum classroom teachings. We also held a discussion with the aldermen of the village. They agreed to spare the village community centre hall.”

“We then provided some educational materials. Since the lockdown till date, these local youths have been continuing the classroom teachings. Team Weekend thank these village youths for their noble venture. Even after the primary schools are open, we hope to continue this type of educational facility here in the morning and evening hours,” he opined.


Ram Krushna Bhanja, Team Weekend Member, Malkangiri

Dula Banjami, Teacher Volunteer

Praful Pradhani, Student