Coronavirus Lockdown: Financial Crisis Pushes Man To Commit Suicide

Mayurbhanj: The 21-day national lockdown was put into force to break the chain of the deadly novel coronavirus. However, the lockdown has pushed several people, especially belonging to low-income groups, into a financial crisis.

One such incident has been reported from Mayurbhanj where a man took the extreme step of committing suicide after failing to provide for his wife and two kids.

The deceased, Sagar Deogharia, hailed from Madhuban area of Baripada town. With the lockdown in place, the family of four was facing financial crunches. The fact that Deogharia was unable to provide even two square meals a day reportedly pushed him over the edge, claims his wife.

Baripada town police arrived on the spot upon intimation and sent the body for post mortem. They have also initiated a probe.


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