Covid-19 Changing Symptoms, Follow Appropriate Behaviour, Cautions DMET

Bhubaneswar: A top health official of the Odisha government today warned people that Covid-19 is changing its symptoms.

“Now, Covid-19 symptoms are changing. Symptoms are manifesting less due to vaccination,” cautioned Director of Medical Education and Training (DMET) Dr Rama Raman Mohanty speaking to reporters here today.

Dr Mohanty advised people to get tested for Covid-19 if they are suffering from fever and cold above the normal level.

The DMET has further said that by following Covid protocol the transmission of infection can be curbed.

“The government will be forced to take steps if infection increases among school children who have not been vaccinated,” Dr Mohanty said.

He said that he has discussed with authorities of VIMSAR Burla and health officials of Sundargarh in connection with 22 students of VIMSAR and 43 students of a school in Sundargarh testing positive for Covid-19.

Dr Mohanty informed that at VIMSAR Burla the infection has spread from a 4th-year girl student who had mild symptoms.

The girl student had first tested negative for Covid-19, however, since she was not cured for a few days she got herself tested again and this time her report showed that she was positive, he explained.

“Infection spread because Covid protocol was not followed strictly. Following contact tracing, 18 girls and 4 boys were found to be positive. They have been kept in a micro containment zone,” he added.

Similarly, in Sundargarh 3-4 inmates of a hostel of a residential school who were studying in classes 7 and 8 had tested positive and later through contact tracing 43 were found to be Covid-19 positive, Dr Mohanty informed.

“33 have been kept in a hostel in micro containment while 10 have been kept under isolation. None had any symptoms,” he added.