Covid-19: DMET Warns People Against Letting Their Guard Down

Bhubaneswar: Director of Medical Education & Training (DMET) Dr CBK Mohanty has warned people not to let their guard down against Coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

“Till Corona is eradicated we have to be vigilant. We have to strictly adhere to Covid appropriate behaviour,” said Dr Mohanty speaking to newsmen here today.

Citing surge in Covid-19 cases in some countries and other States, the DMET pointed that since there are not many restrictions on both international travel and national travel as well, therefore, we have to be more vigilant.

“We have to increase our surveillance,” he added.

Dr Mohanty explained that the surge in the number of cases in around 30 countries could be either due to the virus changing its characteristics or could be due to a change in people’s behaviour.

They might not be adhering to Covid appropriate behaviour due to the festive season which starts from October to December around the world, he added.

The DMET, however, was of the view that the number of new Covid-19 cases detected in the State daily has been hovering around 400-600.

“It’s almost stagnant in Odisha,” he added.

Dr Mohanty explained that things become worrisome when the doubling time of cases is less but in the case of Odisha, an observation of the last few days would reveal that the doubling time is more than 4.