COVID-19: Four-Day Shutdown Ordered In Balangir

Balangir: In view of the steady spread of COVID-19 cases in the district of Balangir, Collector Arindam Dakua on Thursday ordered four days shutdown to arrest further spreading of the disease.

Four days shutdown will be imposed from Saturday to Tuesday i.e. from August 8 to August 11 with restrictions on intra-district public and private transport and closure of shops and establishments, government and private institutions and movement or assembly of people throughout the district.

The activities allowed during the shutdown are mentioned as under.

• All medical establishments including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, including medicine stores and movement of Ambulance and all medical personnel.
• District (Emergency) and Mumpal Administration/Police/Fire Services
• Central and State Government Officials on emergency duty
• Telecom services
• Petrol Pumps
• Print and Electronic Media
• Water Supply, sanitation and sewerage workers
• Electricity supply and distribution
• Movement of goods and good earners, whether loaded or unloaded
• Industrial establishments, factories and construction activities


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