Covid-19: Know The Four Stages, Role Of Government And Vigilant Citizens

Bhubaneswar: India has braced itself up on a war footing to combat the spread of corona virus. This virus has claimed over 10,000 lives globally and has started to spread its tentacles in India. As the virus spreads across the globe, different countries are in different stages of the COVID-19 infection.

We have seen that our efforts to contain the virus has not yielded the desired results and we are moving to the next stage at a fast pace.

We explain the four stages of the pandemic and how it is increasing difficult for the whole country as we are going through a crucial phase of transmission of the disease. 

Stage 1: Imported cases

In this stage, the cases are imported, that means only those are affected who have travelled abroad and contracted this virus from affected countries. There is no lacal transmission of any sort.

Role of the Government and vigilant citizens

The initial phase was designed to rapidly identify the infected persons, and quarantine them so there will be no further spread of this deadly virus. Screenings were set up in airports and the people returning from abroad were asked to register and self quarantine. The idea was to stop it spreading throughout the community.

Stage 2: Local Transmission

If the relatives or acquaintances of persons who have a travel history test positive for Covid-19, one can know that local transmission within the community has started. This mostly happens due to ignorance of the travellers, who seem perfect in health but are carriers if this deadly virus.e.g Kanika Kapoor case.

Role of the Government and vigilant citizens. 

As the numbers get on increasing, it becomes a matter of grave concern to the government. This is where the government takes steps to delay the process. There is lockdowns, all establishments, shops and non-essential are shut down. People are advised to work from home and come in contact with least number of people. 

Stage 3: Community transmission

As the number of infected persons increase, it is found that people test positive even if they or their relative have not travelled to any affected countries. on this stage, the virus spreads rapidly.

Role of the Government and vigilant citizens

Now the main concern is to push hard to get less people infected. Because, if the virus goes unchecked, thousands of people could become seriously ill at the same time and would overwhelm our healthcare system. There may be acutely shortage of medical facilities, hospital beds and medicines for those who may need them. So the citizens have to act responsibly and maintain social distancing to stop the virus spreading. 

Stage 4: Epidemic

In this stage, things will be out of control. In this stage, the spread of the virus cannot be stopped or slowed down. This is the worst stage of the infection where it takes on the form of an epidemic. Massive numbers are infected and it is very difficult to control and contain the spread. This is what China dealt with. But, India is not well equipped to deal with it.

Government’s Role and Responsibility of Citizens

Emphasis will be given to saving as much lives as possible, and maintain social order. The whole government machinery will be at work, doctors will be forced to ration care those who will benefit the most. Crimes will increase and there might be situation to call the army on streets.

So, it is our moral duty now to wash our hands regularly, limit how much we touch our faces, maintain social distancing and venture out only if it is strictly necessary. Stay safe and make others safe.


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