COVID-19 Lockdown Fails To Curb Schooling For SAI International Students

Bhubaneswar: The state-wide lockdown due to deadly COVID-19 has failed to curb the learning curve at Capital-based SAI International. The Online Learning Initiative made sure that even the students miss the school but do not miss their schooling.

The process was initiated by sending emails to parents, apprising them of the school’s readiness of a learning solution, developed in-house, where learning materials will be sent right to their homes. They began with sending modules and study materials through the learning platform. As this proved to have some constraints, within no time our team devised a new method through our ERP solution of SAI Academic Management System (SAMS), which through its integration with multiple other components helped us create SAI Cloud School.

Zoom classes were incorporated in the teaching-learning process, enabling the SAIoneers to have simulated face to face interaction with their subject teachers. The virtual classes, held every day, follow a structured time table which is shared in advance. Students get the opportunity to clarify any doubts on the spot.

A weekly timetable was shared through the SAI Academic and Monitoring System (SAMS), comprising of study time of six to seven hours each day. It consists of-

  • Entire day engagement enlisting the academic as well as a non-academic schedule that needs to be followed at home, during the lockdown phase.
  • Making time for hobbies to lay a strong emphasis on children’s holistic development
  • Making time for relaxation as it is an integral component for the comprehensive growth and development of children.
  • Time for yoga and meditation for the development of the body, mind and spirit as well as to enjoy a stress-free life.

In times of crisis like this, the fact that students are not missing out on their studies is a huge deal. The management of SAI International thanked the parents for their support and their dedicated team for working out a model in a short span of time.