COVID-19 Lockdown: SAI International Students Get Creative For Stressbusting

Bhubaneswar: With lockdown as of now extended till April 30, children who are naturally active have been confined to their homes. Their energy if not channelled in the right direction may lead to stress and unhappiness. Children need to be de-stressed through activities like dance, music, art, creative writing and many more that interests them.

Working in this direction is SAI International Education Group which ardently works towards providing the right platform for the children to express themselves creatively and wholeheartedly. The effort for the same continues even during this critical time.

Holistic development indicates intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. It can only be achieved if children give equal focus to co-curricular activities like art, music, dance, sports, drama as well as on their individual areas of interest. Hobbies play a significant role in one’s life, as it is something that rejuvenates one’s inner self, brings joy and provides opportunities to explore one’s interest and abilities. These activities enhance one’s overall personality, creativity and self-confidence simultaneously provide exposure to new activities.

Students of the top-notch school are encouraged to engage themselves in activities of their own interest constructively and creatively as well as pursue their hobbies at home such as painting, pottery, art, music, dance, writing, photography, videography etc. Each student is individually monitored to ensure timely and qualitative progress of their scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

Founder and Mentor, SAI International, Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo has been inspiring the students and parents through letters and videos messages to make fruitful use of this time.