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COVID-19 Most Contagious Two Days Before Symptoms Appear

Bhubaneswar: People who are afflicted with COVID-19 are potentially capable of infecting others one or two days before showing symptoms. This contagious phase continues for a period of two weeks, therefore one must be very careful during the home quarantine period, said Dr Niranjan Mishra, Director Public Health, Odisha.

Speaking at a question – answer session here today, Dr Mishra said, 10 days home isolation period begins from the day swab test is done. However, if the symptoms appear a day or two later, the 10-day period will extend accordingly. This apart, during the seven days home quarantine period (after home isolation) the patient must be very careful while interacting with other family members.

“Around 80 per cent of the people afflicted with COVID-19 in Odisha have either no symptoms or mild symptoms. There is no specific treatment of the disease and whatever medication is being prescribed are for treating the symptoms,” he said.

COVID-19 is a self-limiting disease and the person affected will get cured on his / her own. Therefore take the medicines given by the authorities only if necessary, on need-basis. “If the patient does not get fever without taking a paracetamol tablet for three days then it will be considered that the home isolation is over,” Dr Mishra added.

Coronavirus does not survive in external atmosphere for long. So, frequent sanitisation will address the issue of spreading infection. Especially for the bathroom and toilets, special care needs to be take to disinfect the area if someone is in home isolation.

“Good sleep, balanced diet and exercise are very essential for a fast and effective recovery,” said Dr Mishra who was himself affected by COVID-19 and got cured by home isolation.

Dr Niranjan Mishra, Director, Public Health, Odisha


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