Covid-19: Stray Animals In Dire Need Of Food & Compassion

Bhubaneswar: The lockdowns have seen the free roaming and stray animals face an unusual challenge. As India prepared for a battle for the prevention of corona virus spread, these animals were.hit the most.

1: Monkeys in Khandagiri-Udayagiri caves are waiting for tourists who brought food for them. Now with no tourists, they are starving. Some good Samaritans like ‘People for Animals’ and ‘Dhyan Foundation Bhubaneswar’ started feeding the monkeys from Monday with bananas & Water melons.

2: Stray dogs and cows

Even Lok Sabha member Maneka Gandhi has raised her voice for the famished streeties and had asked the authorities to allow people to do this selfless task by venturing out.

Everyone should make a conscious effort to feed the stray animals by giving away at least the leftovers 

Messages are going around social media to spread awareness regarding this issue and many have come forward to do their bit.

3: Not to abandon pets.

Even though WHO has busted this myth and confirmed that animals especially dogs or cats cannot contract the virus, amidst the panic, many started abandoning their pets because of the scare. But it should not be done and people should act sane.

During these distressed times, one should act in a humane manner in these times. The stray dogs, cats, cows and birds need you now more than ever. There is nothing wrong in feeding them. They are NOT carriers of this deadly virus, HUMANS are. So please spread unconditional love to the animals around you.


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