Covid Lockdown Effect: Odisha Records 58% Fall In Motor Vehicle Revenue

Bhubaneswar: The lockdown to contain the Covid-19 pandemic has its hard-hitting effect on every sphere of the economy, and the government’s revenue is no exception, Odisha Government has recorded a 58% fall in its motor vehicle revenue in the first quarter (April to June) this fiscal.

The State Transport Authority, Odisha, the Official handle of Transport Commissioner cum Chairman STA has revealed that Rs 159.8 crore has been collected in the quarter April to June 2020 against a collection of Rs 384 crore in April-June 2019 adding that there is 58% fall in revenue collection for the quarter.

Sharing the month-wise break-up, the Transport Commissioner has said that revenue collection was Rs 28.66 crore in April against Rs 166.2 crore collected in April 2019, thereby a decrease over 83%, revenue collection was Rs 35 crore in May against Rs 105 crore collected in April 2019, thereby a decrease over 67%.

However, in June revenue picked up with a collection of Rs 96 crore against Rs 112.7 crore collected in June 2019, a decrease of 14.8% in real terms, the Transport Commissioner has said.

The Commissioner has stated that vehicle sales picked up in June with the sale of 43,000 vehicles despite lockdown in the State due to Covid pandemic as 60,000 vehicles are sold in a month during normal time.

There is a loss of revenue from the grant of DL/LL services as the test is not being conducted, the Commissioner has further stated.

Besides, the government has exempted the buses from paying the taxes for the first quarter.

The enforcement revenue has also gone down as the RTO staff remained busy in organizing transport to the migrants, operating the border check posts, and assisting the administration to enforce lockdown/shutdown, the Commissioner has added.