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COVID Scare Haunts Jagannath Temple Servitors: Puri To Enforce Stringent Virus Protocols

Puri: In the wake many Servitors of Jagannath Temple here getting infecte with novel Coronavirus and many others succumbing to the deadly virus, a meeting was held today to provide special medical treatment to the ‘Sevayats’.

According to reports, to check the spread further, the district administration has decided to enforce COVID-19 protocols such as mask-usage and no-spitting much more stringently. Violators in and around the Jagannath Temple will be taken to task, a senior official said.

A dedicated ambulance equipped with ventilator will be provided for the Servitors. Besides, two teams, led by the Assistant Revenue Officer will ensure that servitors who have contracted the virus are following the home isolation guidelines effectively.

The senior official added that Servitors are in denial mode to open the Jagannath Temple for the public. Since. many servitors and their family members have been infected, they are of the opinion that the temple should not open now, he added.

“A number of Suar, Mahasuar, Daitapatis and Pujapandas have contracted the virus. Though the rituals of the temple are being carried out regularly, if the temple opens for public, it might aggravate into the Tirupati Temple like situation,” the Servitors said in unison.

Collector Balwant Singh presided over this meeting today. Among others, Jagannath Temple ‘Niti’ Administrator, Development Administrator, Puri’s Chief District Medical Officer, and Members of Jagannath Temple Managing Committee were present.


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