Cracker Stash To Drive Elephants Explodes In Dhenkanal Forest Colony, One Critical

Dhenkanal: Crackers that were stashed to drive away elephants, exploded in a house in forest colony in Ganesh Bazaar area of Dhenkanal. The house was completely destroyed in the explosion.

Forrester Himanshu Prusty confirmed the incident and added that they are trying to ascertain what could have caused the accident.

A staff of the Elephant squad of district’s forest department is reported to have been grievously injured due to the explosion. The injured, Sujit Samal, has been shifted to Dhenkanal DHH.

Dhenkanal Town Police Station IIC Gyana Ranjan Samal said that they were called upon the scene after the blast occurred and the strong smell of gunpowder confirmed the suspicion of firecrackers explosion. “A bomb squad is also present at the scene, in case some unburst crackers have been left. We are trying to ascertain the cause of the accident,” added Samal.

Raja, a local, said that the explosion was very loud and nearby houses also bore the aftereffect.

Himanshu Prusty, Forrester, Dhenkanal

Gyana Ranjan Samal, IIC, Dhenkanal Town Police Station

Raja, Local