CRP Murder: Tukuna First Attacked Accused With Knife, Got Killed In Scuffle, Says DCP

Bhubaneswar: Throwing light on the cause behind the broad day light murder in a moving vehicle at CRP Square area yesterday, Bhubaneswar DCP revealed that it was a fallout of old rivalry and the deceased Tukuna Das had first attacked the accused duo with his knife and got killed when the two brothers confronted and counter- attacked him with the same knife.

Responding to media query on the exact reason behind the murder, Bhubaneswar DCP Uma Shankar Dash said, “The investigation until now has revealed that deceased Tukuna Das had had repeated spats with the accused duo, who are brothers. The three are next-door neighbours. Their pick-up van has also been a bone of contention. Tukuna used to borrow money from the two brothers.”

He informed, “A spat had also erupted on the previous evening before the murder incident yesterday. The two brothers were on their way in their pick-up van. Tukuna had stopped them and attacked. The two brothers could manage to overpower him and were bringing him to the police station, as being stated by the two accused.”

“They didn’t take the straight way to the police station as they suspected that Tukuna’s associates might obstruct their path. When we questioned them why they didn’t intimate the police while they were attacked, the two haven’t yet given any satisfactory reply. However, Tukuna attacked the two brothers in the moving vehicle with a knife that he had hidden in his pant pocket following which the two brothers counter attacked him with his knife. Tukuna sustained fatal injuries and succumbed,” the DCP concluded basing on the arrestees’ statements.