Cuttack Immerses Into Religious Fervour As Maha Ashtami Rituals Observed Amid COVID Restrictions

Cuttack: Durga Puja pandals in Cuttack donned a grand look on the occasion of Maha Ashtami on Wednesday. Devotees and priests chanted hymns in the glory of Maa Durga amid blowing of conches and beating of gongs and cymbals.

The Silver City was immersed in religious and celebratory fervour. Cuttack is special during Durga Puja. The city reverberates with the soulful and melodious prayers dedicated to the Mother Godesses.

Be it at Bidanasi, or Dolmundai, Mangalabag or Chauliaganj, the length and breadth of the city was celebrating Durga Puja on Maha Ashtami. While people expressed unhappiness of not being able to do Darshan of Maa Durga, they were happy that the rituals are being held systematically.

“We strongly believe that the Mother will destroy all evils and rescue the world from the clutches of COVID-19 pandemic. We will celebrate the Durga Puja in 2022 in a grand manner,” the locals said.

Gopal Chandra Mishra, Priest

Purnima Behera, Devotee