Cyclone Aftermath: Odisha Makes Special Provisions For Restoration Workers In View Of Heat Wave

Bhubaneswar: Cyclone Fani has not only destroyed the cities in terms of its ecosystem, but has also taken away essential power supply.

While electricity in some parts of Bhubaneswar has been restored, the electricians are working diligently to ensure power supply in all the affected areas at the earliest.

 In addition to that, the heat wave has worsened the working conditions as well as the constant orders from the higher authorities have added to the pressure.

In this context, Information and Public Relation (I&PR) Secretary Sanjay Singh said, “Many people hailing from different villages as well as from West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Telengana have been deployed. We have arranged shelter, centralised kitchen and water facilities for those workers.”

“We have always insisted the workers to carry adequate amount of water with them, and till now none of the workers have faced any medical issue due to the prevalent heat wave”, he added.

With all the consistent efforts of the workers, the electricity is claimed to be restored soon.


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